to perfume and deodorize internal enviroments:
  • spry directly into the air
  • spry into corners, rubbish bins, waste papaer bins and onto carpets
  • can be used in dampers for radiators and in ash trays
  • can be used in incense burners to enhance the aroma of your potpourri
  • can be used with a cloth or papers on radiators and on dashboards
  • can be stored in refill containers for use internallu and in cars
  • Pour a few ml into the water tank or filter of a vacuum cleaner
to quickly eliminate unpleasant odours from internal enviroments:
  • spray and quickly eliminate unpleasant odours created by food preparation, from smoke, from animals and in public toillets
  • puor some drops directly into the sink and shower
  • spray directly into the W.C.
to wash any hard surface:
  • spary a small quantity into five litres of water and then proceed to wash surface
  • pour a little quantity directly onto surface and then clean with a wet cloth
  • OIČ ESSENZA can be added to other detergents to increase the fragrance
pto remove and prevent dust from surface with antistatic action:
  • wet a cotton cloth with OIČ ESSENZA and wipe surface (desks, tables, forniture, doors, fixtures)
  • spray directly onto mps for removing dust from floors and large areas